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The year of 1958, was the start of a trajectory of successes that began like a visionary project of notable couple, Elí Rodríguez and Nelly Vásquez, who on the basis of effort created the foundations of one of the most important companies at his kind in this country.


had his origin like a small business located in Buenos Aires, Palmares, Alajuela's province, named back then as Industrias de Concreto el Condor, whose principal activity was the extraction and sale of sand, soon the production of blocks, concrete pills and tanks was incorporated. Thus the bloquera continued even 1975, year that installs a semiautomatic machine, initiating the tendency that will characterize concrepal to become adapted to the changes of surroundings pouring oneself thus of advance them technological. With this change volume increased in to 5000 blocks daily. This same year changes its name to Concretera Palmareña.

In 1980 an american automatic machine is instaled, after that two more machines was instaled that signified a dramatically growing of the volume of production and the quality of the blocks, which as rapidly he transformed Concretera Palmareña in the indisputable leader in the production and sale of products of concrete at the north zone of the Occident of the central valley and the pacific regions central and north.

The strategy to decentralize our activities is established to early part of decade of the 90 ´s in response to the incipient globalization of markets with the aim of bringing near the product to our clients, to reduce transportation cost and to offer a more service personalized, so in 1993 inaugurates him the plant 2 in Pijije of Bagaces, Guanacaste.

At a later time he changes over its commercial name and institutes him the present-day Concrepal plant 1 at a later time the plants 2 is named Concrepac, prevailing the name CONCREPAL to distinguish to all of the institution.



For 1999, going on with the strategy of regionalization of the industries merge the plant 3 in Coyolar of Orotina, with the proposite of supplying the market of the Pacific Central region with high-quality products and offering a valuable contribution to the development of tourist of the Pacific Central, where the God gives us opportunity to be born and to grow with projects like The Dreams and others important projects of the Region.


In the year 2000 Concretec S.A acquires like party of a society the company himself, that he initiates operations in the June of that same year under the name of Grupo Servipro of Costa Rica S. To, in Boca Arenal, San Carlos.


For the year 2003, we accomplished an integration of processes in vertical form, with the buy of two concessions of exploitation in ditch of public domain, on the Rio Barranca with a piece of land for the productive processes with an extension of 12 hectares, Which the stone installed an equipment of trituration or ( breaker ) to process brutish stone and to produce aggregates like stone itself quirt, country house, sand, granular base among others. In the 2005 to cause of the development experienced by the market of the construction of late years nationally, and the governmental policies orientated toward a globalization it is decided installing in this same one the MEGA PROJECT BARRANCA, in the one that we will develop processes with European technology.


The total of the personnel that labors for the Grupo Concrepal's companies is 170 employees, distributed of following manner: Palmares: 72, Bagaces: 33, Orotina: 20, San Carlos: 23, Barranca: 22.